10 Minimalist WordPress Themes

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Lately, there have been a lot of websites opting for a minimalist design. It is clean, professional looking and easy to maintain, so that isn’t a surprise – especially given the simple matter of creating a template using a grid system or other basic line-centric layouts.

WordPress is the platform of choice for both websites and blogs right now. Thankfully, you don’t have to lose that minimalist design if you go with a WP template. Here are 10 fantastic WP themes that keep that simple look.

1. My Blog Guest Theme

My Blog Guest

MBG uses a minimalist design on all of its websites. Its free WP theme is rather old-fashioned, reminding me of the early days of widely available blogs. Blue and white are the primary motif, which is nice if you want to get away from the usual black and white you see with most minimalist layouts.

2. Clear


There aren’t many designs that utilize a basic structure to his level. Even the text that is used on the blog is a dark gray, giving it a smoky and almost transparent look. It is so simple that there isn’t even a complicated formatting, instead going straight down the center of the page and lacking any frills whatsoever. But it is still softer, owing to the typography and coloring used that is not black and white.

3. Carrington


This one reminds me a bit of Clear because of the coloring. But the format is set on the left, and it isn’t quite as sparse as the former. It comes with a darker background, which can be customized somewhat to get the correct look. If you want to try it out, there is a demo version.

4. Aligned


I have always been a big fan of the perfectly even spaces. Even when using different sizes in different portions of a design, the symmetry is an important factor in how attractive a theme appears to me. Aligned was made on a similar principle. The template is separated into even sections, so it all looks clean and symmetrical.

5. Clean Home

Clean Home

You probably already know MidMo Design for its remarkably regular updates on all things technology and web design related. It created a WordPress theme that matches with its own layout for users who want something extremely basic. Lightweight and simple, it has only two images and otherwise is a clean, minimalist design that allows visitors to entirely focus on your content – no distractions, no mess.

6. Sharpfolio


If you are in a creative field and the point of your website is to provide a portfolio for potential clients of customers, Sharpfolio is a nice alternative to the usual blog layout. It is made to showcase your work in a simple way, without the more overdone or complicated design features you often see from designer websites these days. The template is set in two distinct portions: the left larger than the right, which functions as a small sidebar.

7. Pure II

Pure II

Using a single column design that is placed in the center with wide borders on every side, this isn’t quite minimalist, but still very simple and attractive. There are three color schemes: Clean (Default), Paper and Steel. All are presented with a cross-stitch pattern in the background and using a Sertig font.

8. Textback


This theme was created to capture the pure look of beginning winter. The background is very white and the text a gentle gray. Everything is clean, with wide borders around each widget. The segments are broken down into clear portions, with the widest area being dedicated to the content, along with a thin set of headers and a right sidebar. It is very stylish and modern.

9. Smooth


Gentle colors, wide background and a nice separation for the content, this is one of the more simple templates you can use. But it isn’t as sparse as many of the others, allowing you to have tags, calendars and other elements within the sidebars for easy access. However, this doesn’t detract from the overall “smooth” look of the layout itself.

10. WPCandy


This is almost entirely a content-based theme. The template was made to give a simple format for the posts to be laid out on a plain background, with a very basic header and a sparse sidebar for links to other pages. There are absolutely no frills and nothing to distract from the power of your content.


Making a minimalist WordPress is easy with the right template. These themes are beautiful, simple and easy to use and customize. Check them out today and see why the basics are more popular than the complex.

Tom Chu is the SEO manager at PsPrint, a company specializing in online printing. PsPrint offers an array of free tools, for example it lets you make your own business cards online. Follow PsPrint on Twitter and Facebook


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