10 Quick Social Media Strategies for Beginners


Are you new to Social Media?

Then, you will find the information on this page very helpful. To start off the topic, let us find out what it is not…

Easy – This is not to discourage you but to tell you that it requires more than creating several profile pages, posting updates, and uploading photos. You have to comprehend and commit to it, so you can reap great rewards.

Millions of friends – Unless you want to beat Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, and other social authorities with thousands of followers or friends, you do not need to build a wide network. Instead, you have to make meaningful connections with people who share your passion or interest.

Social networking – It is not simply about being popular in Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. It involves engaging in activities that allow you to promote your beliefs, yourself, or your brand.

And then, there are…

Amazing social media facts

  • Facebook has an estimated 845 million active users.
  • There are approximately one million links shared on Facebook per twenty minutes.
  • There are more than 465 million Twitter accounts.
  • Google+ has around 90 million members.
  • Pinterest has more than 10 million users and obtains a million visits each day.

Given these details, you are probably thinking of using it for marketing purposes.

That is a good idea. However, do not jump into it right away. What you should do is get the hang of it by applying…

Easy social media tips for new users

1. Create a page on several social networks

Go ahead and build Web presence by signing up in top websites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You have to establish a blog too, so you can link your own site to your profile pages.

2. Keep your blog compatible to your profile pages

In connection with the first pointer, make sure that you can handle all your accounts if you become a member on many social networks. If you can, then feel free to incorporate it with social media buttons such “share”, “like”, and “follow”.

By doing this, you can…

3. Make it easy for other users to spot you

When you practice the second strategy, you can direct the readers to your social profiles. And, who knows, they might just add you to their list (that is, if you are not a part of their network yet).

4. Create a fan page

Do you have an e-commerce site or an official company website? If you do, then take note of this tip. This way, you can attract users who are actually interested in your brand.

5. Add RSS feeds

By doing this, your readers can obtain updates whenever you have new content. Additionally, you can receive alerts from other users and websites.

6. Promote your profile page on other social network sites

Yes, this is possible. You can do this on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

7. Enhance your page

Do you know that several social media sites have customization features? Through this, you can tweak and personalize your profile page according to your preferences.

8. Interact and socialize

Write posts, share links, send messages, and comment on other members or bloggers’ page. You can also join their groups, especially if you share their interests.

9. Start conversations

Apart from sharing posts or commenting on articles, you can form discussions on social network sites too. This is possible even if you do not have install forum software.

10. Update regularly

Would you want to connect with a person whom you only see occasionally? This concept is similar online. You will find it easier to connect with more users within your niche if you post blogs or messages frequently.

Again, these are only basic social media tips. Since you are a beginner, you do not have to hop into advanced strategies right away. Instead, get the hang of posting comments or embedding videos on your page.

Once you are familiar with various functions and features, you can start integrating other methods – like search engine optimization. Then again, that is another matter.

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Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a fast-growing UK-based private technology company composed of SEO specialists.


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