6 Tools to Create a Unique and Catchy Intro Image For Your Blog Post

There are some really great images on blogs these days. While most use stock images or infographics purchased or taken from creative commons sites, they are often at least edited to create a unique intro image to a post.

When this happens, they tend to create an entirely different and fantastic new image (or, in the case of Perez Hilton, not). You are probably assuming they needed Photoshop and advanced graphic skills to create them. But you would be wrong; you can make your own with just a few tools online.

A simple Google search will give you hundreds of choices. But here are six of the best, which will be sure to get you exactly what you need.

1. Photo505


Easy to use and really fun, this site actually does the work for you. You choose a graphic effect from the front page that you would like used on your photos. They have options like turning yourself into the Mad Hatter or Red Queen from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, or putting yourself on the poster of Underworld. You can have your face on a newspaper, or a mugshot. They have some really unique options. Once you choose one, you upload the photo you wish to change and it will take you to a saving page.

2. PhotoFunia


This is a similar photo editing site that uses the same principle. You select from more than 100 effects, and then you upload your photo. It detects the face and applies it to the image. Many of them are practically the same as Photo505. But there are many others that aren’t available there. Having both on hand is a fun way to make sure you have your options open. Some fun ones for this site are an FBI open badge, a zombie, some kind of green alien and a portrait being held up by a smiling President Obama.

3. Dumpr


While it doesn’t have a great selection, they have a few effects you don’t usually see. For example, you can turn your picture into a LEGO version, or a sketch on a pad being drawn by a boy. You can create some seasonal ones, too. They have both an Easter egg and Christmas ornament. My personal favorite is the Rubik’s Cube.


Image via Legoland California

4. GenoPal


This is a cute effect. You upload your photo, then drag and drop other images from stock photos on the side bar. This gives you a couple of other color selections. This changes the colors on the image itself. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly. When that happens you just have to refresh the page and try again. They have a couple of other tools on the site to check out, as well, like color words, color names, Pic2Color and a few others.



You might not know what ASCII is, but you have certainly seen it before. This is when an image is created using unrelated text character. A simple example of this is a rose: @—;–. Alright, so that wasn’t the most impressive example. But you can make much more detailed and complex images with this editor. It takes your picture and turns it into ACSII for you. You can do it with or without color. Personally, I think black and white looks best, as it makes a more stark contrast. Remember that this doesn’t use a saved image, but gives you a code to copy/paste.

6. Write On It

Write On It

Magazine covers, photomontages, ecards, manipulated images and amusing captions are all possible with this simple tool. They have a gallery you can submit your photos to for others to vote on, or you can just save it onto your disk drive. There isn’t a whole lot to say about this one, but it works well. With some effects, it works better than any of the others above.


Obviously, it helps if you know Photoshop and can make your own images. But for those of us who don’t have this particular skill, it is nice to know there are some online editors that will let us fake it.

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