Blekko … Slash the web

Wish there was less spam, malware, and content farmed lame sauce throughout the search engine index every time you search for something?


Blekko is working on it.

As a new search engine, Blekko is approaching the world of search a little differently. The search engine has introduced a new way to browse the web, called slashing, which enables you to search not only a keyword, but a category as well.

Slash the web

If you were in need of a volleyball, you could search for “volleyball /shop,” and the results would provide you with pages related not only to shop or volleyball, but volleyball and where you could buy one.

Flag spam, create, and share

In addition, the little search engine provides tools to flag spam as you find it throughout the engine. On top of that, you can create your own slash, which is just another way to save a page for later or categorize it for friends.

Check it out, and start slashing the web!


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