Do You Dare Ignore Google Buzz?

Screen shot 2010-02-11 at 4.56.28 AMGoogle has introduced Google Buzz and people aren’t sure what to think. Some think it’s awesome while others don’t. In researching for this post, I check out what was being said about Google Buzz via a Google blog search. There were over 51 million results. If two thirds of those are illegitimate links, it’s still gaining very significant attention.

There are some concerned about its privacy flaws and a lot of talk about what Buzz doesn’t offer… yet. Lifehacker offers up one of the best explanations of how Buzz works and how to use it, but the question I would raise is, can you afford to ignore it?

I was in a meeting yesterday with some editors of print magazines and we were discussing how social networking relates to the future of print publications. One of the statements made (which didn’t surprise me) was “we may not like these tools [i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.] but we can’t ignore them.” I must agree.

Can you be a successful blogger and ignore Buzz (and all of the other similar tools being released daily on the net)? The answer depends on your approach to blogging. If you blog to share with family and friends news about your life – Buzz doesn’t even have to exist for you. But if you’re looking to expand your blog’s influence in the business or entrepreneurial world, then you really can’t afford to ignore one of the biggest releases from one of the biggest tech players on the planet.

Will it aid your blog by driving more traffic? I think we’ll know more in a matter of days, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. You just can’t afford to ignore the elephant in the room for very long.

We’d like to know your thoughts. Where is Buzz going? Will it help? Does it matter? What do you think of the tool, and feel free to leave your buzz link at the bottom of your content. It’s formatted as:

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