How a Quality Logo Can Build Readership for Your Blog

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A successful blog not only has great content but is able to attract and retain visitors. With a plethora of blogs and so many things pulling for our attention on the internet, it is vital now more than ever that your blog site is able to capture and create a lasting impression on your site visitors. A major part of capturing the attention of your audience lies heavily in the appearance of your website and the quality of graphics used. A vast majority of people are visually oriented and they are much more likely to remember unique images.

Anyone can create a blog and many bloggers use templates that make their blogs look like everyone else’s. This can create a sameness that pervades the blogosphere and make it difficult for users to distinguish one blog from another. One way to brand your blog and differentiate yourself is by investing a logo that has a unique design and that is closely tied to the style of your blog. Here are some reasons why a quality and professional logo can help build readership for your blog.

Establishing Trust

Having a well designed website is not enough, investing in a well designed logo is essential. A quality logo can make a site appear more professional, build trust and readers are able to take your content seriously. With so much jargon on the internet these days, users are becoming more skeptical of information they come across and use a variety of tactics to weed out blogs they do not trust. Blogs with high-quality logos appear professional and readers will feel that the blogger takes the website and content seriously.

Brand Recognition

Blogs are successful if they are able to be more memorable than other blogs, logos help to differentiate from other blogs and create an immediate impression. For example a dental practice with a blog might want to create a dental logo with an image of a tooth or toothbrush thinking it has aesthetic appeal. However, in performing a search of other dental logos, you will find that quite a few other blogs targeting the dental community might have similar graphics. Therefore the blog is just another blog and might be easily confused with another of the many dental blogs on the internet. That is why it is essential to have a logo that is unique and memorable to your audience.

Another beauty of a quality logo is that it is easily shared. With the popularity of social media and tools that allow users to share content across these online platforms, logos can really support your marketing objectives. Whenever users share content across the social media platforms with your logo image attached, it increases your presence across the internet prompting more and more people to become familiar with your logo and ultimately your brand. Having a consistent image like a logo shared makes it easy to build brand recognition and can introduce more readers to your blog.

A quality logo is more than just a fancy, attractive graphic, it is an essential marketing tool that can help brand your blog by building recognition among readers, creating return visitors to your website and differentiating your blog site from the large masses of blogs on the net.  It can also give readers the impression that you take your website seriously and this can help build trust in your content.

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Ebele Okocha is an avid writer and digital media enthusiast. To see what she’s up to, follow her on twitter @ebeleokocha or circle her on Google


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