How to Blog Using Your Voice

Bloggers are always looking for easier ways to get their posts up. Most of us don’t do this as our only form of income, and between work, family life, school, social events and just general living, it is a serious hassle to sit down and construct and quality post. Even more so when get really busy, but still have a dedicated readership you don’t want to let down by posting less. It is the catch-22 of blogging: you want to get popular, but you are under way more pressure once you do.

I have seen a lot of posts out there giving advice to other bloggers – whether they follow it themselves, or not – on more easily putting up regular posts. I usually ignored them and followed my own system of taking any day where I have some time and creating extra posts to keep in draft as “fall backs” in case I don’t have time to update that week.

The other day I saw something that made me pay attention, however. It was a blog post talking about the growing phenomenon of bloggers who use voice or mobile technology for publishing. Something I have never even considered, despite the increasing popularity of voice dictation apps.


How well does this process really work?

To be honest, the jury is still out on that one. Some bloggers have been using it to great effect, mainly for short updates or first draft posts while on the go. Each one swears it has made their life much easier, and helped them to dictate a process as they go instead of taking notes and reconstructing it later. I have spoken to several food and DIY bloggers who are especially adamant about this use, as well as a few who have used it for travel posts.

On the other hand, the technology is still somewhat limited. The most direct way is probably through using SMS messaging supported by Siri, which is compatible with Google Blogger, Posterous, Youtube and Tumblr. Or you can use Siri to go the speech-to-text email route, posting to those three above options as well as Wordpress; this will be a more functional option for most bloggers I know.

Of course, using the text-to-email method is helpful in that there are many apps created for the iPhone, iPad and Android models that support it. Here are a few of the better ones:

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation

In my experience, this app is really accurate, with only a few occasional mistakes that can be fixed in draft. It also allows you to say the punctuation marks that you want to use, which makes it so much simpler. The interface itself is really simple. You tap the screen, dictate your message and it will show you the text in a new window. You can then change it or add to it as you like. It is also free, so there is that benefit.

For Android users, use this guide to switch to iPhone5 from Mobile Phone Finder :)

Ok, just kidding, here’s one for Android:



I have never used this one, but people I have spoken to who have seemed really happy with it. Some Android devices are not properly supported, so make sure your own is. Otherwise, it won’t hear what you are saying. This one doesn’t offer speech-to-email. But it does have SMS support, so you can blog that way.

QuickVoice2Text Email Pro

QuickVoice2Text Email Pro

Costing only $2.99, this is the best speech-to-email recorder I have found. It is customizable and quality can be altered, and it is very accurate. I have never had any problems with it recognizing even more obscure words or names. It also lets you record for up to several hours, if you want to. So larger posts are not a problem. The interface is more thorough than with Dragon, but it is still easy to use.


I am not entirely sure of where I stand on the voice blogging thing. I think I still prefer my own method of writing extra posts for emergencies for the majority of my preparation. However, I have already dictated a couple of blog posts to my email address while I have been out, and while I went through and rewrote it later, it did make my life a lot easier than week.

All in all, this is a decent idea in theory, and it doesn’t seem that hard to make work in practice. But I wouldn’t switch entirely to voice just yet…for this old school blogger, typing is still best.

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