How to Create A Powerful Writing Schedule for Your Blog

writing schedule

When it comes to writing fresh content, it’s easy to divert your attention to other pressing matters. Yet, content is the most important aspect of your blog. While social sharing, linking and attention to SEO are key to your success, it’s all worthless without a steady flow of new content. To stay productive and avoid your impending procrastination, it’s time you create a writing schedule.

“The point is that great blogs that have great blog content typically have a great blog posting schedule working behind the scenes. This isn’t always the case but more often than not there’s a so-called ‘method to the madness,’ especially for those that consider themselves professional bloggers.”

Your Availability

Before you set out to write your schedule it’s important that you consider your current availability. If you aren’t realistic here, then it’s likely you’ll ignore your schedule in favor of prior responsibilities. When considering your writing availability, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your schedule currently like?
  • When do you enjoy writing now?
  • When are you most creative?


Writing new content and getting it seen is all about timing. When you write your schedule, you want to keep this in mind. According to Eli Rose Social Media, “Monday posts typically see the highest amount of traffic. Even if you are only going to post to your blog once a week, you want to ensure that you have new content up on the first day of the work week.” To get your timing right, take into account a number of factors.

  • Adjust your schedule for the days that your blog sees the most traffic.
  • Remember: quality over frequency. Posting 2-4 times a week is optimal.

Plan It

Once you’ve found the best schedule, it’s time to put it into action. To do this, you’ll have to decide how far out you want to plan your content goals and posting times.

  • Daily: If you find that your other obligations change frequently, making a daily schedule is a smart way to stay on track day to day. Write your schedule first thing in the morning.
  • Weekly: Sit down on Sunday night and write out your schedule for the week.
  • Monthly: As a professional writer, this may be your best option. Get your editorial calendar set up, and then schedule your writing days around that. Feel free to make modifications as the month rolls on.


When you’ve created your schedule based on workload and good timing, you’ll notice one of two things: You are having success putting pen to paper – fingers to keyboard, or you’re not abiding by your schedule. Your first way to correct the latter is to go back to the first two steps and make corrections in your schedule. Or, you can consider switching in some other options.

  • Guest posting: This allows you to take time off from writing, while still getting quality content delivered to the site.
  • Pre-scheduled Posting: If there is one day of the week you feel especially creative, take advantage. Write your posts for the week, and then schedule them to go live at various times.
  • Change it up: Are you wanting to be productive but just can’t seem to get into the flow? Change up your schedule as frequently as you’d like. Add in guest posts here and there, get posts scheduled out during a busy week, etc.

Creating a writing schedule not only affects how many days you’re strapped to the computer chair. In the end, this will also have an impact on your SEO, traffic and overall reader happiness. Without good content, nothing else holds up on its own.  Get your writing on a schedule and watch the rest fall into place.

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Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to payroll services. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including medical billing software for b2b lead generation resource, Resource Nation.


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