I Am Jack’s Complete Lack of Focus


Between reviewing the copious amounts of comment spam submitted to FuelYourBlogging, preparing to take over FuelYourVenture, and starting a new company, I’ve been pretty frantic the past few months.

It’s been a pretty eye-opening experience … and I’d like to share an important lesson I’ve learned.

Everyone Has A Multi-Tasking Limit

I realized I need to hone my focus on a few projects rather than try to take on many all at the same time. It’s difficult to commit to holding off on a project, because it kinda feels like giving up … the sooner you do it though, the sooner you can focus and do your best work. Everyone has a multi-tasking breaking point … that is, a point where everything you do is more on the mediocre side than the remarkable side, so if you feel you may not be doing incredible work, you might want to consider making more room on your plate. And if you can’t imagine placing a few projects on hold, just look to the social proof each project is generating. If you stretch your focus too thin, it might take a toll on your engagement, which could in turn impact how and if you get inspired.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

Because I was stretching myself too thin, inspiration wasn’t able to manifest — we’ll talk about where inspiration comes from later this week.

Pulling Focus

Today I’m setting out with a focus on only a couple projects, setting the rest to the side for later. This will open my workload up, enabling me to once again explore freely without having to bounce from one project to the next non-stop.

Here at FuelYourBlogging, you’ll see a stronger focus on getting started, going further, featured bloggers, and reviews designed to help you discover WordPress themes, plugins, and other tools.

What else would you like to see FuelYourBlogging focus on?

Let me know in the comments below!

Challenge Yourself

If you have a lot of projects in the works, think about the quality you’re producing … and whether or not it’s getting a remarkable reaction.

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