Just Shoot Yourself and Vlog About It

We’ve written about the subject of video blogging (aka, vlogging) this week and how you really can’t ignore it as an emerging technology. Something else we can’t afford to ignore is the rapid rise of micro-blogging. More of our information comes via 140 character tweets than we could have possibly imagined just two years ago. Many are taking advantage of some innovative ways of bringing these two technologies together. So grab a camera, shoot yourself, and blog about it.

The marriage of micro-blogging and video has produced micro-vlogging, a trend in its infancy perhaps, but some believe it’s a growing platform for the future of online publishing.

Jen Hinton is a lifecaster who enjoys sharing video blogs on her introspective blog Keep It Classy, hosts an online radio show called Chicks Who Chat, and is currently doing a 365 Vlog Project on her YouTube channel. She shared her thoughts about micro-vlogging with us…

classyjenWe all know that micro-blogging has literally exploded within the past couple of years, but what if we took it a step further?…

Vlogging is the next big leap we will all make in the blogosphere in my opinion. Some people are still very scared of the idea but we should ask ourselves why? We share our every move through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and our blogs… I always wonder though who the person behind the blog is. I can only imagine what you look like and the true sound of your voice. If I am reading your blog on a regular basis then the likelihood is that I am interested in your world.

Micro-vlogging is basically twitterizing (love that word) your videos; giving only a brief snippet of yourself on video. There are great platforms out there like 12seconds, TwitVid, and BubbleTweet (my personal fave) that allow you to micro-vlog with a user friendly platform. The reason that micro-vlogging is the next big thing is because people do not have a lot of time. They hop online during their brief lunch break or when they sneak away from their kids throughout the day. It’s quick and easy. So give it a shot!

For anyone ready to give micro-vlogging a decent shot, here are ten platforms worth checking out:



Bubble Tweet


















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