Monitor Your Blog in Real Time with GoSquared


GoSquared has recently updated its LiveStats tool, which provides instant blog analytics. It’s not the only web application to do this – both Woopra and Clicky offer real time views – but this simple tool has a lot to offer. Within a minute of sign up you can see live blog stats so you can respond instantly to what your visitors are seeing and doing.

GoSquared has two main views – live stats and trends. The live stats view has three columns. On the left you can find out about referrals and searches. It also has a tweet search column which automatically includes your site title and site link. You can also include another keyword phrase, but when testing this the site did not save the search, resulting in gobbledygook in the results view.

The middle column shows which pages visitors are on and how many there are. The right column gives a breakdown of the visitor metrics (including returning and tagged visitors). Click on a visitor in this column to get more details, including which pages each visitor has opened and how long they have stayed there. A red dot or red border indicates that a page has been left open but there’s no activity.

The information you get here allows you to respond instantly to what is happening on your site. That’s a great way to impress your visitors and convert them to repeat visitors, thus growing your blog’s community.

GoSquared also offers a trends view with daily, weekly, monthly and annual stats. The best thing about this is that everything you need to know about your site appears on a single page in a number of movable widgets. You can switch between different time periods on individual widgets or change them all at once via clickable links at the top of the screen. All essential blog metrics are available at a glance – in fact, if you have a large screen, it takes just one scroll of the mouse to see them all.

Taken together, the information gained from stats and trends can guide bloggers’ content development efforts (both blog posts and information products). They can also see which sites are the best ones to promote the blog on and to build relationships with referring sites.

So what does all this great functionality cost? Well, up to 100,000 page views it is absolutely free. That allows you to monitor a single site and is great if you are just starting out. If you need more, you can monitor a total of three sites and 150,000 page views a month for $9.99 a month. There are also business and enterprise plans.

As well as being available on the web, GoSquared is also accessible via a Chrome web app and a Wordpress plugin.

First impressions are that this is a very useful blog analytics program. The founders say that “Monitoring your website’s traffic should be simple, fun & enlightening.” The GoSquared app does its best to deliver just that.

This post was written by Lior who is a consultant to a live chat support software startup and also advises to 123 neon signs, a well known online neon signs shop.

Lior is a marketing consultant to a neon signs store and also to an online task management startup


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