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Paul and I first connected through a secret Facebook group where fellow entrepreneurs talk shop and network and stuff. Since the I’ve been fortunate enough to chat with Paul about his project via Skype and even receive a demo of Skyscrpr works. Seeing it in action was mind-blowing, because I knew I was looking a very important tool the blogging community was missing.

I’ll be sharing my own experince with Skyscrpr in the future, but for now I just wanted to share a quick chat with Paul, co-founder of Skyscrpr … a true game changer for those of us interested in making a full-time living from our blogs.

Be sure to check out Skyscrpr!

A Chat With Paul Burger of Skyscrpr

FUEL: What’s the goal of Skyscrpr?

PAUL BURGER: Skyscrpr was built because we were super frustrated by how time consuming and complex managing our ad inventory was. Using email, Paypal and spreadsheets simply didn’t cut it anymore. Our goal with Skyscrpr is to make it dead simple to place, manage and sell ads directly to advertisers so that bloggers can get back to what bloggers do best. Blog!

Paul Burger SkyscrprFUEL: What blogging software does Skyscrpr work with?

PAUL BURGER: Skyscrpr works with any site on any platform. We’ve built an interface that allows bloggers to simply drag and drop ad spaces to their sites regardless of the blogging platform they use.

FUEL: How does Skyscrpr help bloggers manage the ad space they have for sale?

PAUL BURGER: See below for info on the media kit. Once an advertiser purchases the ad space – we take it from there. We handle the reporting, invoicing, scheduling, ad serving and payment processing immediately. The blogger simply sits back and waits for the cash to hit the bank!

FUEL: What pricing methods are available for ads through Skyscrpr?

PAUL BURGER: Skyscrpr supports both CPM pricing and tenancy pricing (eg. $1,000/month for a space).

FUEL: The media kit is a powerful sales tool for the blogger … does Skyscrpr provide help here?

PAUL BURGER: Oh yeah! Once you’ve created all your space we build a beautiful media kit for you on the fly. It includes your site analytics, social reach stats (Twitter, FB, etc), advertisers you worked with before, press mentions, and all kinds of otehr fun stuff. Most importantly it also shows advertisers what’s available for purchase and allows them to buy the spaces right then and there.

No more hours spent in photoshop creating a PDF you can email. We make it easy for advertisers to find and buy your ads.

FUEL: How can bloggers track ad sales?


PAUL BURGER: We provide both the blogger and the advertiser powerful analytics and reporting so they can track their ads at any time. We will also be able to email reports to advertisers automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it.

FUEL: What’s an ad pack?

PAUL BURGER: An ad pack is a bundle of relevant ads that we will go out and get for you. So when you don’t have all your ads sold, we will backfill those spaces with relevant ads so you’re still making money.

FUEL: Any secret features you’d like to hint at?

PAUL BURGER: Hmmmmm, this is where I have to stay a little tight lipped. But I will say we’re just getting started. We have some really cool ideas on how to maximize revenue, while significantly decreasing the time bloggers have to spend thinking about advertising. We know creating great content is really hard. Managing your ads and sponsorships shouldn’t be. We make it really easy!

Skyscrpr is the place you can come to manage the business side of your blog. However you make money, we will be there to help!

Drag and Drop Tech Helps Bloggers Create Ad Space with Ease

Forget about hacking code for two hours … Skyscrpr provides a drag and drop ad space creation tool, which enables you to chose your dimensions, payment requirement, and position of the ad space on your blog.

skyscrpr adspace


A Real Time Visual Dashboard

If you’re a visual person like me, you’ll absolutely fall head over heels in love with the visual dashboard. The visual dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of your advertising sales.

Sounds standard, right?

Sure, but place your sales against a beautiful monthly calendar view, provide visual ad space differentiation, and sprinkle a whole lot of real time capability to it and what do you have?

You have Skyscrpr.


Skyscrpr Helps You Create a Media Kit Designed to Sell Ad Space

The importance of the media kit is second only to the blog itself, because it’s the primary tool that you use to persuade advertisers into buying ad space.

As you can see, the media kit includes a simple title, tag line, and introduction, beautiful outline of your traffic and engagement, social reach, testimonials, available ad space for sale (pictured in the next section), press mentions, and questions.

All of this is organized into a crisp report designed to sell your ad space … and it’s all available to advertisers through Skyscrpr.


Let’s Purchase Some Ad Space

Below you can see what the ad space inventory looks like to advertisers. It’s organized, professional, and provides the advertiser a very clean way to purchase. Slide the percentage of voice knob across the bar for the optimal exposure you want, and the price will adjust to reflect the cost.


You Decide the Price of Ad Space

Unlike the advertising network, which pays you $0.03 a day in most cases, Skyscrpr creates a transparent connection between publishers and advertisers. The benefit of working with Skyscrpr is you set the price of your ad space as opposed to placing ad units across your site so Google knows where they can show ads.

Instead of $0.03 a day, you could sell your ad space for however much you want.

It’s Free to Use

Skyscrpr is absolutely free to use, but in order to sustain and grow, Skysrpr asks that in exchange for the tools to help you create and sell your ad space, the direct connection to advertisers, and their support, you provide a small commission per sale. So they only make money when you make money, and unlike the ad networks out there, you get the bigger piece of the pie (by far).

I think this is more than reasonable.

Sign Up and Start Selling Ad Space

Join me over at and start selling ad space instead of placing ads.

Chris Rice is an SEO with Sachs Marketing Group. He writes about WordPress themes, plugins, and services for entrepreneurial bloggers at CreativeBlogger. Get more from him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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