Spill It: How Do You Write?


This week, we start something new here at Fuel Your Blogging. It’s called: “Spill It!”. In short, “Spill It!” is a blogger’s discussion. We’ll be asking your opinion, thoughts, rants, raves, etc. on different topics. This brings us to this week’s “Spill It!”.

Everyone has their way of doing things. Each blogger has their own method of writing. Some people make outlines, others like to warm-up with ten minutes of free writing, and others rock out to AC/DC to write an article. Whatever your method may be, however, you find that it works for you and hopefully that it makes writing enjoyable.

How Do You Write?

Now it’s your turn. Spill.

Tim Smith is a music loving blogger and designer. He’s passionate about blogging and loves to share his thoughts and experiences for the benefit of others. Find out more on his personal site. Follow Tim on Twitter: @timothybsmith.


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