Spill It: Why Do YOU Blog?


One of the cool aspects of blogging is its broad application potential. You can blog for journalistic purposes, breaking stories and commenting on current affairs. You can blog for money, smattering the web landscape with ads and affiliate links in hopes of getting rich by tomorrow. You can blog for personal reasons, to show off those adorable pics of your puppies. You might blog on behalf of a corporation, to raise awareness of an issue, or simply to have a voice online.

Today we’re asking you why YOU blog, primarily because it’s been about a year since we’ve done so. And believe us, it’s all about you today. Tell us where you blog, why you blog, and where you think your blog will be in ten years… or something like that.

Spill it…

In addition to serving as Editor of Fuel Your Blogging, Brandon is also a Pastor at Saddleback Church and Online Community Coordinator for Pastors.com. He’s also a web designer, blogger, and church communications consultant. Catch him on his own blog or on Twitter.


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