Spreading the Word with Google+ Events

google+ events

Google recently released version 2.6 of the Android app for Google+. The upgraded application features an improved user interface, in addition to a host of new features. According to an unnamed source, one of those new features looks to be the inclusion of “events”. While nothing is official, adding events to the platform could work wonders for the value of Google+ as a social networking tool. This article will explain how.

Meeting Diverse Objectives

When most people think of events, they imagine conferences, conventions, or similar functions. However, they are far more versatile than given credit for. In fact, an event could be the fundraiser for your non-profit organization, the contest running on your blog, or the big sale coming up on your website. Social networking creates added visibility for events, and when leveraging them on a popular site like Google+, the chances of driving attendance or sales skyrocket for whatever you have planned.

Driving Conversation

google+ eventsThe internet has taken event marketing to a whole new level, providing convenient access to a plethora of tools that can be used to get the word out and get results. Email is a perfect example of such a tool. But while email is great at spreading the word, social networks like Google+ can see to it that the word travels even further. For instance, once someone in your circles notices that you are sponsoring a local food drive or just leasing a both at a local tradeshow, the conversations they spark could lead to higher attendance numbers, and greater success overall.

Extending Audience Reach

Events are currently an essential element of the Facebook experience. Users can easily create them and invite whomever they wish from their friends list. But what many users like about the feature on Facebook is the ability it provides to share with others. If the event is listed as public, all it takes is the click of a button for a user to not only pass along word of the gathering at hand, but actually invite friends to join as well. This has worked out swell marketers because it essentially allows enthusiastic guests to do the promoting on their behalf. Considering that Google+ is in direct competition with Facebook, it would not be surprising to see an event feature that delivers this functionality and more.

Closing the Gap

There has been a lot of talk about how Google+ is struggling to keep pace with Facebook and the other giants in the social networking realm. Some believe this is because the site lacks the uniqueness that will allow it to stand out and distance itself from the crowd. Adding events obviously would not be anything groundbreaking, but it could give event promoters another reason to pay attention to promising social networking platform. Or at least Google hopes so.

Francis Santos is a best practices activist and an advocate for free email marketing and html email. Francis can also be contacted via Twitter.


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