Ten Reasons Your Blog May Be Destined for Failure


A lot of my spare time is spent reading different blogs, I do this to keep up with all of the relevant news to me, the latest opinions and trends, and sometimes just to be a little nosey. Often I see some really great new blogs appearing and I look forward to seeing what they will become, as they grow with content, readers, and contributors, but before you know it they have become stagnant and uncared for.

I believe this is due to the common misunderstanding that a blog will lead to overnight success and take little time to run, when a person is creating a new blog. So if you are in the thinking stages or even early days of creating your own blog, please read the following reasons why your blog may fail and what you can do to ensure its success.

A Lack of Confidence

Having a lack of confidence in your idea or ability has got to be the biggest killer for anything, not just blogs. Before you get started, you must be prepared to except a certain amount of knock backs and rejection. Not everyone will want to read what you have to say, and not everyone will agree with you, but you need to be ready to accept that we are all lucky enough to have our own individual personalities and opinions. If someone leaves you a bad comment, try to accept it as constructive criticism by learning from it.

A Lack of Patience

Accepting that your blog will take time before it becomes a success is also very important, and assuming it will be an overnight success will also be the downfall of your blog. The greatest blogs are those that never intended to be successful, they were created by authors who have a genuine love for their blog topic.

Not Fully Understanding What a Blog Actually Is

There is a massive difference between a blog and a website, but this is also an unknown fact and a major stumbling block for many people. Blog stands for web log, and if you want to create a place which will act as an online diary for your niche subject and you plan to update it frequently, then a blog is the right tool for you. However, if you are wanting to create something much more static and formal, where people can either learn more about your services as a business, or purchase goods from you, then a website would be much better suited.

Not Enjoying Your Niche

You can really tell when someone has a real passion for what they are talking or writing about, and if you do not, well it will come across in the content of your blog posts. If you do not enjoy what you are writing about, you will find it much harder to overcome point one and two from above.

Cluttering Your Blog

This can be a problem which is much harder for you to detect for yourself and avoid. As we blog about our subject we are creating a wealth of information, but it can also be very easy to keep adding little bits here and there to our sidebar when we have enjoyed a certain blog post more than others, or found some really cool news that you believe everyone must know about. Adding too much information to your sidebar can make your blog look untidy and not very user friendly. Stick to a golden rule which I discovered the hard way, by keeping your blog nice and simple.

Unrealistic Traffic Expectations

As I mentioned above, your blog is going to take time and will not be an overnight success. You will not receive boat loads of traffic as soon as you publish your first post, it will take time, commitment, and perseverance before your blog is receiving loads of traffic. Try not to become too down hearted about this, knowing and accepting that your blog is going to take time before it becomes successful is half of your battle won already.

Failure To Highlight Your Best Content

You should really consider placing a list of your most popular blog articles in your sidebar. It is quite common practice to do this and a lot of people will look for this feature when landing on your blog. Allowing people to see what the current buzz is all about on your blog can work really well by diverting people to active blog posts, where they can join in on discussions.

Failure to Know Your Readers

You should analyse your traffic and really get to know your reader, discover what they like reading and what they do not like reading. This is an important time to also mention a key point about your content and who you are writing for. Always remember that you are writing for a human and not a search engine. By trying to make your content overly search engine friendly, you could make it hard to read, drawn out and basically very boring to the average human.

Failing to Get to the Point

There is a famous saying “quality is much greater than quantity” and this saying is also very true when it comes to blogging. By assuming that your blog posts all need to be a mile long, you’ll be prompted to stuff your post with content which is not really needed. Do not beat around the bush, just get straight to that juicy bit of information which you are blogging about.

Failure to Plan

We plan for almost everything we do in our lives in some way or another. Creating a blog is no different and creating your plan should be your starting point, do not just go with the flow and see how this blogging thing turns out. Ask yourself, why are you creating a blog? , What is its purpose?, How do you see your blog developing in the future? Etc. Try to create a short term plan as well as a long term plan, and do not overly worry if your long term plan changes as plans always do.

I hope the reasons above will help you to achieve your dream of becoming a fantastic blogger. The only other thing which could lead you to blogging failure is if you forget to use this blog post and all of its blogging tips!

Michelle Kirkbride, the editor of Kaplang has many years of experience as a web developer & consultant. She currently lives in Yorkshire, UK with her two beautiful children and loving partner. She spends far too much time at her computer and is currently addicted to her work & blogging. You can connect with her on twitter or visit her blog.


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