The secret life of keywords

How important are keywords anyway? We have been assaulted by bloggers telling us about the need for keywords and SEO. I am here to tell yo

Secretu that we need to change the dialouge. Keywords have a secret life that seems to have become the stuff of myth and legend.

What Great Writers Know

Let’s consider the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence

Keyword Statistics

people 14
right 11
government 9
laws 9
state 9

Statistics taken from the SEOBook keyword density tool

It is clear that this is a document about the people’s rights as represented by the state,government,and laws. This was written over 200 years before the invention of the Internet. The American forefathers didn’t need to use Google Adwords to do keyword research.They wrote for clarity by invoking principles of similarity and repetition to get their point across.

Keywords are important then because they make your writing clear.Their power comes from their repetition. We naturally expect that a well written piece to be focused on one or two words. That is why we have a semantic web. It is a signal the search engines can use to match a query to a piece of content.

Eschew Obfuscation and Get Clear

Focus on your writing before you begin to think about SEO. The primary function of your blog is to share content. Your first concern should be communicating in your own words and developing your style. Keywords and SEO only bring traffic to your site.

It is your writing that will engage people.

An example of a blogger who began writing with this method is Kiesha Easley. In her post she talks about the freedom she felt in writing without obsessing over SEO. The story she shares reminds us of something important.

We blog to connect with others.

Read a clear blog, and you can think forever

We often get things wrong and believe we must have targeted keywords first before writing. In actuality keywords arise on their own as we focus our content. It is time for you to forget densities and embrace debate. I challenge you to write a post for your audience without thnking about SEO for once. If you do,  leave a link to your post in the comments.

Susan Silver works as a contract SEO copywriter. She has contributed her knowledge of social media to several blogs, including Talent Zoo’s “Digital Pivot”. Susan currently writes about Word-of-Mouth marketing on her website Cirquedumot.


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