The Hot List of Links for Bloggers

warning-hotWelcome to the very first edition of a new and slightly experimental feature here at Fuel Your Blogging – a short list of some of the Editor’s favorite links for bloggers gathered from around the best of the web. Some represent great resources, others vitally important news for bloggers. They’re our picks for the biggest and best for the week.

This Week’s Flames
(Hot Resources)

7 Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2010

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David Walker, guest posting for Bluggussion, writes an excellent and inspiring list of to do’s for the upcoming year. In particular, I’m delighted with his 7th piece of advice – “forget about the money to begin with.” In other words, just blog, write, and engage. Worry about the revenue later and focus on influence first.

Behind the Scenes of the Design Informer Redesign

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Jad Limcao has proven his talent and zeal. In a crowded niche of design blogs that is ever-increasing in its saturation, Jad has set his blog apart as one of the best. Not only is he a part of the Smashing Network, his redesign has really established him as a serious blogger in his realm. This post shares the rationale behind his newest redesign and teaches some great lessons for bloggers along the way.

What Is the Future of Online News?

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Bloggers have been making all kinds of predictions about what will happen to the news industry, especially print periodicals. Eli Penner chimes in with an interesting take and great insight into recent happenings such as the release of the iPad and trial runs of paid subscription programs. He closes by asking about how all of this relates to the niche blogger.

Seven Essential Elements of Blog Design

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Angie Bowen’s great research skills show off well in this tremendous post about blog design. She points out the seven areas of the design of your blog you really can’t afford to ignore and provides stunning examples of each. It’s a great checklist as you evaluate the design of your own blog.

What Is A Blog?

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Michael Martine is no stranger to blogging. He’s built a great career from it and has keen insight into effective blog communication. I love this post because it is profundity wrapped in simplicity. The question is simple enough – what’s blogging? But the answer is much deeper. I especially love his last two thoughts. It’s everything, and it’s nothing. Read it to find out what Michael meant.

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