What Google Penguin Means for Guest Post Writers

google penguin updateOne of the best link building strategies is being challenged by the latest update from Google, called Penguin.

The Penguin update was designed to filter out pages ranking due to a heavy focus on manipulative link spam. You probably haven’t seen this online if you read content from reputable publishers, because it involves creating a block of text related to any particular topic and including an irrelevant link to a 3rd party. This type of spam is meant to manipulate the spider into giving the spammy page more rank, and thus increase its exposure in the search engine index.

While this update is designed to filter out spammy links, it makes me wonder about its effects on guest post writers.

Since taking over as editor here at Fuel Your Blogging, I’ve met a lot of talented bloggers from all over the world … many of them blog on behalf of companies.

When blogging for a company, it’s common to reach out to established publications that have the potential to pass page rank to you through the links you create int he content. Again, this is common practice for a lot of marketing professionals … there’s nothing black hat about this approach, because unlike spam, guest posts provide value to the community of readers.

I’ve had to hold off on accepting content written by bloggers on behalf of a company due to this update, as there’s a chance the new Google algorithm will view such links in the same category as spammers. It’s unfortunate for everyone, as the guest writers provided a lot of great content and we were able to help them achieve their goals in exchange.

We’ll see what others think about this in the coming months, but for now we’re holding off on accepting posts submitted from companies that include irrelevant links in the content and believe others are as well, so it isn’t getting any easier for companies to articulate some link juice organically .. but perhaps it will spark some innovation in the area.

Overall, the job of the blogger blogging professionally for a company is getting harder.

What are your thoughts here?

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